6 Weeks to Shredded - Zero Restrictions


6 Weeks to Shredded - Zero Restrictions
Tired of eating the same boring meals to try and lose weight? Now you don't have too, 6 Weeks to Shredded - Zero Restrictions offers just that, Zero Restrictions!

Yes, you get 3 meal plans provided throughout the 6 week plan, but these meal plans come with total daily macros and caloric intake, so you can choose to follow either the meal plan or the macro nutrients, each day, at your own convenience, also a break down of macros for each meal is provided, making it easy for you to remove or substitute meals to your fancy! 
The 22 page PDF document also provides you with 3 separate weekly workout routines along with the benefits behind each workout, switching up your training so you are not going into the gym, week in, week out doing the exact same exercises! 

If that was not enough the 6 Weeks to Shredded - Zero Restrictions plan also provides you with a 6 week Cardio Program for you to follow throughout the whole plan, aiding the fat loss and revealing your true potential.

Furthermore with all the above, you will also receive supplement guidance along with discount codes for added savings, should you wish to add any further supplements to your arsenal, although no supplements are required for the 6 Week to Shredded - Zero Restrictions plan!
All this for only £24.99

So what are you waiting for? Begin your journey to a brand new you today! 

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